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Builderall is a platform for creating, developing, optimizing, hosting, and disseminating websites. It was created by renowned internet business consultant, Erick Salgado, and is made available to the general public by the American Company e-Business4us Inc.

The e-Business4us, Inc. was created from passion for the internet, appreciation for entrepreneurship, and dreams of changing the world through entrepreneurship. We value partnerships, new ideas, new dreams, and new challenges. We are always open to listen and learn.

In other countries Builderall is represented by local entrepreneurs who, like us, are passionate about the internet in respect to entrepreneurship, innovation, and networking. They understand the potential impact of Builderall in their community and made the decision to develop our system in their own countries backed by the structure and credibility support of the Company.

Builderall and all other websites created using our tools are hosted on dedicated and robust servers which integrate the latest technology with large processing capacity, storage, and advanced security.

Creating a virtual presence with Builderall can be done very quickly and safely, giving you the confidence you need to build an audience or sell your products and services online.

The Company

The idea of creating a solution like Builderall arose from the need identified by renowned internet business consultant, Erick Salgado, who was facing a demand generated by hundreds of customers who needed solid results and a strong virtual presence.

Erick, the founder of our company, has been working with virtual solutions since 1998, when in his original profession (physical education teacher), he realized the need to create an online training program. At that time, in his home country (Brazil), there were no professionals available for this type of service. He then traveled to Washington D.C. where he had a friend who worked in a reputable software company. Together they developed the first physical training software in the world, which was a success and used in hundreds of gyms in Brazil. Since then, having fell in love with the internet, has become dedicated to creating solutions and helping entrepreneurs enter into business online with certainty.

Erick Salgado was also the creator of the first digital inclusion program for small businesses in Latin America, which resulted in the creation of more than 5,000 websites in its first year of activity.

Erick Salgado, all about Builderall

Always looking for solutions for young entrepreneurs, in 2005 Erick Salgado created the first system of virtual mini-franchises, which gave small business owners a real possibility of entering the online marketplace with a solid and profitable system. Then the portal "O MELHOR DO BAIRRO" (THE BEST OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD) emerged, and soon became the largest neighborhood directory in the world.​

In 2008, with the explosion of the mini-franchise system, Erick Salgado moved to the United States permanently where he could be closer to the new cutting-edge technology being developed and better positioned to discover new trends and needs of a more challenging market. This marked the establishment of his company e-Business4us, Inc.

In 2010, with hundreds of customers and thousands of pages built, Erick noticed a new change that was happening on the internet. In regards to the flood of spam websites and the number of user profiles being created online every day; good quality web-pages were beginning to quickly fall behind search engine results. This damaged a lot of honest businesses, and as a result, forced search engines into a transition where an expertise in SEO was needed in order to gain visible online recognition. It was then that the idea was born!

The idea was to create a single platform, complete and extremely efficient, where people who really depended on the internet to promote their business would have all the necessary solutions of the highest quality all in one place. For having a good website was no longer sufficient enough to ensure a presence and results online. The platform had to be the best; because with increased competition on the web also came an increase in the need for quality, experience, and especially AUTHORITY in each of the chosen niches and segments.

Keeping these key factors in mind, Erick Salgado organized a team of over 30 professionals who shared in his vision and worked for more than five years to create Builderall, the most complete internet marketing platform on the planet.

Mr. Tool, all about Builderall

The Builderall Platform Creator


Today, the internet is a reality of our lives, and has became apart of our habits and daily life in a way that exceeded all expectations, even of the most optimistic, about this market. The reality is that no company, product, service, or idea can stay away from the internet.
However, another FACT that is affecting our understanding of this market is that the websites are "lost" among millions of other websites in the virtual world.

The fact is: Having a website is not the same as having results and presence on the internet! To have your website featured on the internet many other strategies, tools, partnerships, networking, links and other things are required because with the increased competition, only the most relevant appear in the organic results.

Understanding this new scenario and need, the
idea of creating a system that enables people not only to make a website, but also to understand a little more about the way that the internet works. That way, the user can be empowered with tools and systems to generate real results; because having a website and generating INTERNET MARKETING RESULTS are two completely different things!

Mr. Tool, all about Builderall

Thus we created the Builderall System and Platform. A complete platform which is comprehensive and provides people with almost unlimited possibilities. You can create well-organized and optimized content and present it in a professional manner to achieve real and surprising results on the Internet.

Mr. Tool, all about Builderall

The Builderall Platform

A super platform of services and applications, which allows the user to better understand the internet, to create a much stronger virtual presence, to generate real results, to have access to what is best in technology, and to manage multiple tools in one place.

We recognize that Builderall is still not 100% ready (no good tool on the web is) and will never be, because, as the needs increase and the internet evolves, we will as well by adding more solutions to continue to make your Builderall experience as complete as possible.


Unlimited Websites with up to 3 Domains

Create unlimited websites and link up to 3 domains per account

HTML5 Sitebuilder

Hundreds of Templates

Use hundreds of templates created by leading web designers

E-mail Marketing Professional

Leverage Tools

Leverage tools integrate with social networks to promote your websites and content to thousands of people

Responsive Builders

Market Acceptance

Quickly put new ideas into practice and find your market acceptance

E-mail Marketing Professional

Exclusive Social Proof Tool

Use our EXCLUSIVE tool for social proof, bringing to your website hundreds of comments and visitors

HTML5 Sitebuilder

HTML5 "Drag & Drop" Technology

Use our super advanced and intuitive editor which utilizes HTLM5 "drag & drop" technology

Responsive Builders

Create Optimized Blogs

Create optimized and responsive blogs for your main keywords and/or topics

HTML5 Sitebuilder

Earn money by creating sites with content and participating in advertising, affiliate programs, and Ads on your website(s)

Make Money through Creation

Responsive Builders

Adapts for Mobile Devices

Adjust your website for mobile devices with just one click or use our responsive builder. With Builderall you are in charge of the mobile technology

E-mail Marketing Professional

Stay up to Date with the New Trends

We have a young tentative team of programmers and designers that keep an eye out for new trends and algorithm changes to ensure your sites are always in accordance to what search engines look for

HTML5 Sitebuilder

Search Engine Optimization: SEO

Use our SEO Tool to create nearly perfectly optimized SEO pages in accordance to what factors major search engines index your site for 

Responsive Builders

Animated Videos Creator

Create animated and floating videos to dramatically increase retention and conversion rates on your websites and blogs. You can also use it to reduce the number of bounces you receive from your website

E-mail Marketing Professional

100% Autonomy with Excellent Tutorials

Builderall has a virtual office enabling full control of all of the tools with training videos, real-time support, and networking with other local business professionals

HTML5 Sitebuilder

Update Benefits

Benefit from the use of any and all new solutions that we introduce to the platform in the future

Responsive Builders

E-mail Marketing Professional

Grow, sharpen, or master your digital marketing expertise with the Builderall platform by harnessing the capabilities of all of its tools and features; amaze your clients with diversity  

E-mail Marketing Professional

Become an Affiliate or Franchisee

Become a franchisee or an affiliate of the company; Read More

HTML5 Sitebuilder
Responsive Builders

Local Ads and Organic Results

Create comprehensive ads in our local search directory which is also one of the most visited in the world; receiving more than 160,000 ORGANIC Google visits per day

Take Builderall to other Countries

Bring our platform to your country; Read More

E-mail Marketing Professional

Much more than a system user, you are the reason our company exists and your satisfaction is very important to us. We always try to surprise you with our quality of service. Therefore, when developing your website or using our tools, if you identify a need or ever feel we should develop new applications that would help further your business, contact us and we will do everything in our power to create the solution that you need.

We also understand that our users are our best advertisers, and since there is nothing better than "word of mouth" advertising we also created a great affiliate program that rewards all users who actively participate in our growth.

We created a system for you based on 3 main points:

CREATE - SHARE - WIN. With this idea, we expect our users to use the platform to create the best and most robust virtual presence, share its results, and be rewarded by our growth as well.

Thus, we seek to exceed our user's expectations every day, creating solutions that really bring them results for their business.

​To learn more about Builderall, or to contact our team directly, please send an email to:

[email protected]


You, all about Builderall